Why Visit a Chattanooga Taproom

A taproom might be the ideal destination if you are meeting with family or friends for a quick shot or two. The ideal taproom might be located within a hotel, or it could be an adjunct restaurant with pleasant staff willing to serve your favorite drinks amid a relaxing environment.

But, despite the abundance of places where you can unwind and have a good time with people who matter to you, why do you specifically need to go visit a Chattanooga Taproom?

Reasons to Visit a Chattanooga Taproom

  1. You can drink great beer and sample great food at the same time. (Note: Some bars serve great beer but so-so food, in which case you may want to be discriminating in your choice of taproom.)
  2. You can socialize with friends at your preferred Chattanooga taprooms. How long has it been since you’ve hung out with them? Somebody start dialing that phone now!
  3. You can show off your favorite Chattanooga taproom to that special someone you’re seeing lately.
  4. You might want to set up your own taproom in the near future. This means you’ve done the rounds of the bars and pubs in the area and now have an idea of what you should serve in your own taproom.
  5. You have visitors from out-of-town who are just itching to try something new, such as the Fountainhead Taproom. So, make life more fun and treat them at your favorite taproom.
  6. Some Chattanooga Taprooms allow children inside! Isn’t that cool?
  7. Your boss and friends from work might want to hang out with you, so visiting a Chattanooga taproom would be a nice idea, especially after a tough day at work.

If you already know where you will go for great taproom drinks in the whole of Chattanooga, then cast your eye over the following list of drinks:

  • Beer – Yes, this may already sound overly repetitive, but many people really go out of their way to find that perfect brewery. So, this tops the list.
  • Moscow Mule – This cocktail is a mix of vodka and ginger beer with a dash of lime juice, served on ice.
  • Aperol Spritz – Those new to this may find it a bit on the bitter side, but this is preferred by some for daytime drinking. Don’t forget the ice, too.
  • Margarita – It’s a pub staple, but not yet a cliche. It’s made of silver tequila, a splash of Grand Marnier or Cointreau, and lime juice, plus the optional agave juice for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Espresso Martini – Unless you are on a special caffeine-free diet, this always sounds like a good idea (mixing coffee with liqueur, that is). It’s mixed with vodka and syrup as well.
  • Martinis – If you feel mysterious and edgy, then you might want to try a martini to start off your bar-hopping night. This drink has dry vermouth, and possibly a bit of gin (though some might argue that vodka is more appropriate).
  • Manhattan – Some people may insist on whiskey with sweet vermouth, so a Manhattan sounds like a good idea. Make sure your Manhattan has bitters added, too.
  • Daiquiri – Hemingway, anyone? Rum, sugar, and lime – sounds good, right?
  • Whiskey Sour – Bourbon is a must-have for this choice.
  • Old Fashioned – You can have Bourbon for this one, too, but others may prefer rye whiskey instead.

Feeling Peckish? Great Food at Chattanooga Taprooms

  • Burgers – Your favorite brand of beer will definitely go well with a well-cooked burger and a side serving of fried potatoes.
  • Dimsum – Oh, so you’re new to having Chinese food in a Chattanooga taproom? Better get ready for more surprises because Asian food is changing the rules of the game for many taproom regulars.
  • Pizza – Those who don’t like pizza, raise your hands. (Sound of silence in the background). Yes, pizza makes taprooms even more popular, so much so that some patrons may come just for this and nothing else.
  • Roasted sausages with potatoes on the side – You are probably wondering why meat goes so well with your favorite lager. Stop thinking so much about it and just. Sink.Your. Teeth. In. What do you think now?

Final Thoughts

Knowing a great taproom in Chattanooga can be a life-saver, not just when friends and family urge you to join them on a food-and-beer trip, but also on special occasions, such as when your boss asks you out for drinks for achieving an important milestone at work. Some taprooms serve better meals than others, so be adventurous and experimental. Remember, Chattanooga has more than a handful of taprooms, so be sure to bring along your best buds to get their opinion on your favorite ones. Live it up!