17 Years without Kurt Cobain, the thought drives me to drink

My baby taught me how to live, My baby taught me how to be, My baby taught me how to fight, My baby taught me how to die, Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. – Kurt Cobain

Life without alcohol must be like life without Kurt. This hesitant Poet of Grunge Rock death shocked the world in 1994 and 17 years later his friends and fans are still trying to cope with his death at the age of 27.

Kurt Cobain is best known for his role as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the Seattle-based rock band Nirvana and his extraordinary musical talent made him an unforgettable idol. During the last years of his life, Cobain struggled with drug addiction and an unruly wife, which eventually drove him to his grave.

Kurt believed that music comes first, lyrics come second and often described his lyrics as a “big pile of contradictions”. The word alcohol featured in quite a few of his songs and when James Crotty asked Kurt to define “Grunge” he replied: “A fine mixture of hygiene paraphernalia – bleach, Lysol, bubble gum flavoured toothpaste, isopropyl rubbing alcohol 90%, hand and body lotion, and conditioning shampoo.”

In 1993 the group recorded a set of demos while on tour in Brazil and one of the recordings from this session, the long improvisational track “Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip“, was included as a hidden track on non-US copies of their “In Utero” album.

It’s therefore no surprise that there’s a cocktail in honour of Kurt Cobain and I for one will be sure to mix-up this potion and cheers to this never-to-be-forgotten legend!