How To Use Bacon Jam In Three Different Recipes

Bacon jam is that perfect mixture of salt, sweet, and savory that can surprise people into wanting to go back for more again and again.  The unique flavor, the fun texture, and how sensationalized bacon generally make this a fun ingredient everyone should have in their kitchens. These recipes aren’t very strict, so make sure to make them your own! 

Top Any Burger

Admittedly, when most people picture burgers, they don’t think about slathering some jam on top: but that’s about to change.  Grill your burger, toast your buns, and then spread some bacon jam on the top slice of bread.  This burger goes best with cheddar, leafy mustard greens or spinach, and a burger that can bring the flavor.

Using the bacon jam on burgers has the same effect as ketchup, except that it’s better executed.  The savory, sweet, and salty mixture of flavors in a jam work together to make the burger’s flavor pop even more.  Once you try this, you won’t want to go back to eating a burger any other way.

This burger type can also do well topped with any sweet onion since that bite pairs with both the burger and the jam!

Any Pasta Dish

Is your alfredo one note?  Does your macaroni and cheese need some attitude?  Don’t let your sad pasta dishes be consumed straight; you have to use a little flavor inspiration.  Instead of eating it plain, scoop a little bacon jam into your sauce and melt it in.  The pure and beautiful bacon flavor that will dance with the cheese and pasta will make your dish something entirely new.  This isn’t just for cheesy dishes too!  You can mix it into a spaghetti sauce and integrate it into nearly any sauce that you see fit.  The limit is only how much you can scoop out of the jar and into the pot!

Drunk Food Du Jour

Although it’s not the best food for you, drunk food has a reputation for being salty, savory, and delicious all at once.  Although being drunk lets us forgive ourselves for eating the less healthy foods, you shouldn’t have to down a couple of beers to enjoy some tasty creations!   Some drunk foods deserve better than to be saved for late weekend nights and food trucks!

You can make a dolled-up grilled cheese sandwich with a smear of bacon jam on it, or caramelize some onions with bacon jam to put onto literally any sandwich you could think of.  Cook mini sliders and top them with jelly, or take a dip with bacon jelly to dip some hot french fries in!  Try new and exciting combinations because even the strange flavors work well together!

A final reminder to try new things!  Bacon jam can be an incredible addition to any dish and inspire you to cook and try new things.  Just make sure that you’re prepared never to want to have to put down a jar of the stuff ever again!