5 Powerful Foods and Drinks That Help With Anxiety

It is a real challenge to stay focused and calm in today’s fast-paced world. Whatever you do, it seems like a stressful situation is just waiting around the corner to attack you out of the blue. We highly recommend you seek out professional help, if you think you can’t effectively cope with problems alone. However, if you feel prepared for the battle and prefer to tackle the issue on your own, there are some simple tips that can help you. All in all, if you’re anxious and often stress about things that you can’t change, for a start, here are some foods that might alleviate your mental pain. 

Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea can reduce your anxiety and calm you down when you’re experiencing stress or feeling more nervous than usual. This herbal remedy is used around the world and it’s well-known for its anti-anxiety properties. It lowers your stress levels, but of course, it can’t magically cure your problem. During a stressful time, some people find a hot beverage or a hot shower soothing to calm down their running mind. For those of you who aren’t much of a tea drinkers, don’t worry, the effect and the flavor of chamomile tea is not that strong, if we compare to valerian tea or peppermint tea.   

Dark Chocolate

Another way to start off your battle with anxiety is to spring for a bar of high-quality, dark chocolate. Even though some people detest its bitter and strong flavor, it is actually beneficial if you eat it regularly. The taste is something you’ll get used to, because it’s not too overpowering. Chocolate is known for being a serotonin booster, and with the aid of magnesium in it, it can help you decompress and unwind before going to bed. If you are feeling irritable and tired, you might be having issues with low magnesium levels, so dark chocolate might be a game-changer thanks to its stress-reducing antioxidants and magnesium.


Eating a balanced, vitamin-rich diet is always recommended, even if you don’t have any health problems. Any type of citrus fruit is definitely your friend if you are working on defusing your anxiety. The combination of vitamin C and E found in kiwi can help you fight oxidative stress and motivate the neurotransmitters to stay in balance during trying times in your life. Kiwi also contains an amino-acid called tryptophan. It is scientifically proven that low levels of tryptophan can be the cause of mood swings, lethargy or even depression. 


There are numerous ways to consume CBD hemp flower. It can be a perfect addition to your meals and even drinks you take on a daily basis. It can be baked or cooked and it still won’t lose its nutritional benefits. Due to its low amount of THC, it won’t change your mood drastically, but it will help you feel more relaxed and will help you manage your anxiety with more ease. If you take care of yourself, your body and mind, and use CBD, you can restore your body and mind balance. Of course, you’ll need to find out if CBD hemp flower is legal in your state so you don’t end up breaking the laws or get in any sort of trouble.


Seafood, or brain food, as many people like to call it, can be of great help in your battle against anxiety. Omega 3 fish oil is a great stimulator for your brain and a supplement for better mood in general. Besides being a lean protein source, fish is rich in nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin D. According to the American Psychiatric Association, people should stick to eating fish two or more times a week, preferably fatty fish such as salmon or trout.

Changes won’t happen overnight, so even if you change your nutrition, don’t expect to see the results immediately. If you’re going through a rough patch, just remember, simplicity is the key. How about you try changing your sleeping routine and eating healthier food? See how these small changes affect your mood. A constant struggle with anxiety can increase your stress levels, mess with your sleeping schedule and even be responsible for your breakouts. Self-care in combination with proper diet and physical activity is the best way to beat anxiety in the long run.