5 Ways To Use Leftover Coffee

Turn those cold dregs in the bottom of the coffee pot into something delicious.

How often have you made a big pot of coffee, optimistically thinking you’ll drink it all, but then forgetting about it after your first cup? Maybe it sits there until the next morning, when the thought of drinking day-old coffee is enough to make you want to go back to bed, so you dump it down the sink and start fresh.

Next time, don’t dump it! There are numerous ways to use old coffee so it doesn’t go to waste. Maybe you’ll find it so delicious that you’ll start making extra coffee on a regular basis, just to have this tasty addition on hand.

1. Make ice cream.

Homemade ice cream is divine and surprisingly easy to make with an ice cream maker. Add leftover coffee to a vanilla custard base for a decadent dessert. Check out this in-depth guideline to making dairy-based coffee ice creams of all types or this recipe for vegan cashew-based chocolate-coffee ice cream.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, visit Craigslist or another online swap site; they’re often available at reduced prices and definitely a fun kitchen tool to have, if you like cooking.

2. Get baking.

Many recipes for baked goods call for strong coffee to add a jolt of flavor and some dark color. Try making these Perfect Chocolate Coffee Scones or these Caffeinated Coffee Brownies. Learn how coffee can “enhance that rich chocolate flavor” in brownies, according to Bon Appétit. Add it to cheesecake or replace any liqueur with some strong espresso.

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