6500 Year old popcorn and 5 other foods with ancient origins

It turns out that humans have been munching on everyone’s favorite movie-time snack, popcorn, for much longer than previously thought. Scientists from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Washington’s Natural History Museum have uncovered fossilized cobs indicating that people in northeastern Peru were popping kernels as early as 4,700 B.C. — about 1,000 years earlier than previous evidence suggested. (That precedes Orville Redenbacher by more than 6,500 years.) But popcorn is hardly the only contemporary food with origins in the ancient world. Here, five other favorites:

1. Ice cream
The Chinese are credited with eating the first “ice-cream-like food” around 200 B.C. But instead of today’s ubiquitous chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, early versions were made using milk and rice packed into snow.

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