All You Need to Know About Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are one of the most important household appliances you cannot afford to stay without. They increase the value of water by increasing the PH level of water, which is crucial to the human body.

We can go on and on talking about the benefits of water to the body. Our bodies are made up of at least 60% water. It is only right to make sure we are always well hydrated for the better functioning of our systems.

Drinking clean water is the best way to ensure maximum benefits of water in the body. However, we can make it even better by drinking alkaline ionized water.

So what is a water ionizer?

A water ionizer is a kitchen appliance used to purify and increase the level of water PH.

They achieve this by separating acidic and alkaline components using an electrical process called electrolysis.

Ph level is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a compound on a scale of 1-14. If the compound lies below 7, it is high in acid. Whereas, if a compound lies above 7, then it is high in alkaline. PH 7 means the compound is neutral.

Normal tap water usually has a PH level of 7. However, depending on your location, the source of water, and the level of pollution, water might be high in acid.

That is where water ionizers come in. Alkaline ionized water has alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium, which are important to the body.

They also have a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) which enables water to act as antioxidants. The higher the negative reduction potential (ORP), the more antioxidizing water becomes.

Importance of Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline ionized water contains liquid antioxidants that absorb faster into the body as compared to normal water. That is why a good deal of health benefits has been linked to it.

Here are some benefits that come with regular drinking of ionized water;

  • Alkaline ionized water helps to neutralize the acid in the stomach and the bloodstream. It helps in deactivating an enzyme called pepsin responsible for acid reflux.
  • Alkaline water contains magnesium and calcium. This is important in keeping our bones strong and healthy
  • It boosts our overall immunity by helping our immune system neutralize acid in the body
  • Alkaline water is believed to have more hydrating properties. It provides the body with liquid antioxidants that have smaller molecules that absorb quickly into the body, boosting fast re-hydration.

This especially comes in handy after working out or for hardcore athletes.

  • Regular drinking of ionized water slows down aging. This is because the antioxidants in alkaline ionized water help prevent cell damage.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Now that you know the importance of drinking alkaline ionized water, has the best guide to make it easy for you to purchase the best water ionizer.

Here are some factors that go into purchasing a good water ionizer;

  1. Research

Before buying anything, research should always be your number one step. This will enable you to learn the market well, know the types there are to choose from and even the price ranges.

  1. Water ionizer with filter

Alongside raising your water’s PH level, you also want a water ionizer that will filter your water and get rid of contaminants, right? 

The following pointers will help you get the best filters

  • Make sure that the water ionizer has 2 filters. This will give you cleaner and healthier water.
  • Go for longer filters. They have better filtration
  • Ceramic filters go a long way as far as effectiveness is concerned
  • Check the prices of the filters. High-quality filters could be costly, but they are the best.
  1. Functionality

Check that the water ionizer functions properly before paying for it. Make sure it can separate the acidic and alkaline streams well.

  1. Prices

Prices may vary according to quality, brand, and type. Your budget and needs will determine this.

  1. Durability

Depending on how long you will need the water ionizer, the type, the quality, and the price. It is important to check the durability of the machine.

  1. Warranty

It is better to go for brands with a longer warranty to ensure the protection and durability of your machine

  1. Plates

The number and type of plate are just as an important factor to consider before buying any water ionizer. There are different types of plates;

  • Solid plates.

This is the oldest plate there is in the market. They were originally designed for strength and longevity.  

  • Mesh plate

Mesh plates are great to conduct electricity. However, they don’t last as long as the solid plates.

  • Solid mesh hybrid

These have the combined characteristics of both mesh and solid plates, giving it the best electrolysis and durability.


Getting a water ionizer is a substantial investment to make. You ensure clean and healthy water for you and your loved ones.