Amazing Ideas To Enjoy Cocktail Parties In Your Living Room

If you love your booze, the pandemic may be a challenging time for you. While pubs and bars were closed during the lockdown, visiting one isn’t a great idea even when they have reopened now. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your beer and vodka, as you can still host a cocktail party in your living room. You can even create a great ambiance just like that in the hottest bar downtown. Thinking outside the box can even give you some cool ideas to make the evening more entertaining and happening. Here are some amazing ideas you can try for enjoying a cocktail party in your living room.

Mix your own drinks

The best way to make the evening more entertaining is by experimenting with drinks. Stock up your bar but don’t stick to the regular drinks. Get some inspiration online and see what you can do with your collection of rums, vodkas, whiskeys, and tonics. You will surely love to create some incredible cocktails and have a great time as well. But make sure that you know which ingredients complement each other so that you don’t end up mixing something you cannot handle.

Invite your gang

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With the holiday season around, calling over your friends for a small get-together is a good idea. You may not have a crowded party, but there is still the option of hosting an intimate one with close friends. Even if everyone in your gang wants to stay home to be safe from the virus, a virtual party can heat the evening. An evening with your besties, enjoying their drinks virtually and having crazy conversations on a Zoom call, is a great way to come closer even while following the social distancing rules.

Play online games

Organizing a card session or a game of chess for your booze-loving friends is passé now. Whether you are drinking alone or with your partner or hosting a cocktail party for your gang, you can play online games to make the evening all the more entertaining. The thrill only doubles up as you mix drinks and games. You can even Play Slots Online to make big money. There is also the option of virtual games you can play with a friend remotely. Just take your pick and get going! 

Pick your own playlist

Music mixes really well with drinks, and the best part of hosting a party in your living space is that you can pick your playlist rather than listen to what the DJ has to play. Set up your music system and have your Spotify playlist ready to make the evening memorable. Turn off the lights, and you have a club ambiance right in your living room. Don’t forget to move the furniture around and create some space for the dance floor. 

A cocktail party at home can be as much fun as a night out at your favorite pub, even if you have one with your partner or virtual guests. Being a bit creative can help you enjoy the best experience and ensure that your guests have a great time as well.