Barbados Join Forces With Cape Town To Produce The World’s First Floral Infused Rum

As rum grows in popularity across the world, and discerning drinkers seek out craft spirits and experiences, we introduce Suncamino Rum: The world’s first floral-infused rum which was conceived in Cape Town.

Suncamino Rum is a smooth-blended rum that’s distilled in Barbados for up to 8 years using ex-bourbon oak-barrels before it embarks on a journey headed for Cape Town. On arrival, its further matured and infused with Hibiscus, Honeybush and Orange Blossom natural extracts.

Says Stewy van der Berg, the creator of Suncamino Rum, “This spiced and dark rum transcends gender and naturally appeals to both men and women unlike other rums. By infusing the rum with floral extracts from the Cape, we have added another layer without compromising on its classic, smooth, underbelly – honoring its Barbados origin at the same time.”

Stewy – a self-proclaimed rum connoisseur – and two friends from Cape Town set out to create a floral infused alternative for the person who is not a fan of mother’s ruin, but still looking for the same craft credentials in another spirit. Rum was the obvious choice.

It’s the most diverse spirit and unlike other spirits that are best enjoyed with a mixer, rum can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, in most cocktails and with fruit juices.

“Unfortunately, over time, rum has received a bad rap and that’s due to the cheap blends and bad trends out there.  I do believe The Rum Revelation has arrived and is being rediscovered in the form of quality blends. Combine this with the growing obsession with botany and floral trends, you get Suncamino, which is the world’s first floral rum and has paved a way for followers.

Suncamino rum has a 40% ABV and retails at RRP R299 for 500ml. It’s available from all good liquor stores.

“There is a very exciting and beautiful energy round this quality crafted spirit,” says Stewy, “Suncamino is an adventurous option for the new and old rum drinker.”

The Suncamino mantra is simple: Bring good company, a bottle of Suncamino, and pick a spot on the map – the rest will take care of itself.