Beat The Summer Heat With A Steaming Cup Of Rooibos Tea

Several studies have shown that a cup of Rooibos tea has plenty of health benefits and it’s also an excellent way to keep you cool.

Hot weather has its drawbacks and holds inherent dangers for people who are exposed to it on a daily bases.

Babies, children and the elderly are extremely sensitive to the heat and are at risk of heat exhaustion or heatstroke. To counter this, adequate hydration can keep heat-related illnesses at bay.

When it comes to cooling down, a warm cup of rooibos tea seems to be the better option, according to experts.

Just how does a hot drink cool you down? Studies conducted by the University of Ottawa have found that a drink lowers the amount of heat stored by the body, provided that the sweat produced by the hot drink can evaporate.

In a recent interview with the Lowvelder, Joe Swart, the research director for the SA Rooibos Council, explained that sweating is the body’s way of cooling us down.

“As sweat evaporates from the surface of the skin, it cools and removes excess heat to keep our body temperature in check.

“It’s interesting to note that during one of the studies, researchers also tested the effect of a warm drink on those participating in exercise for 75 minutes at a relatively low intensity, in 24 degrees Celsius at 23 per cent relative humidity, while consuming water at different temperatures. It was only after participants had consumed the warm drink when their overall body temperature dropped,” he said.

Swart said rooibos tea is a healthy and affordable cooling option for everyone, including babies.

“It contains no caffeine, is low in tannin and you can drink as much of it as you want, unlike other hot beverages that may have a diuretic effect.

“Rooibos tea can also be enjoyed hot or cold and comes in a variety of fruit and spiced-infused flavours. On a hot, dry summer day, cool down with a warm cup, while in hot, humid weather, it can be turned into a delicious iced tea, to help regulate your body temperature in a healthy, natural way.

“It also won’t add any additional calories as it contains no fats or carbohydrates and is naturally sweet, which eliminates the need for sugar.”

So, if you live in the Lowveld or other warmer parts of the country, hydrate with something warm, while cold drinks in more humid regions such as Durban could provide some much-needed reprieve in the summer heat.

Brew your own iced tea pitcher to help quench your thirst.