Bieber Shotguns A Beer and Lose

Maybe we should call him Biebeer? Before Justin Bieber spent the night of Sept. 12 watching Floyd Mayweather’s fight, he had a little pre-match fun with some drinking games. But when he was defeated in a beer shotgunning match, he blamed his lack of higher (alcohol) education!

Justin Bieber is enjoying every second of being a 21-year-old. The Instagram king loves documenting his shenanigans now that he is legal to drink, and he did just that while in Las Vegas on Sept. 12! Justin was in town for Floyd Mayweather‘s final boxing match and had some fun partying before the event — but an Insta video revealed that he was taken down in a drinking duel! See the vid below!

Considering Justin is still pretty new to the 21-year-old life, it’s not too surprising to see him lose a beer-drinking race. Let’s not forget how competitive the Biebs is, though! His Insta vid shows him shotgunning a beer against one of his buddies, and despite being defeated, Justin gave it the old college try!

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I lost but I didn't go to college @sammy

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