Cannabis-infused wine delivers a full body buzz says Melissa Etheridge

Pot brownies, cookies and other potent treats have been around for years, but as more states pass legislation to legalize marijuana, a rock star would like to introduce you to a more sophisticated form of cannabis cuisine.

In partnership with the owners of Greenway Compassionate Relief, a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Cruz, California, Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge is cultivating a line of “cannabis-infused fine wines.” Due to legal restrictions, however, she’s only allowed to call her creation a “wine tincture.”

What kind of effect does it have on the body? “You feel a little buzzed from the alcohol and then get a delicious full body buzz,” Etheridge told CBS News.

Unlike most other edibles, Etheridge’s wine tincture doesn’t involve heating the cannabis. The “cold extraction” that takes place during fermentation creates a compound that she says is far less psychoactive than the compounds found in marijuana smoke or cooked edibles. In other words, the wine won’t make you high or paranoid.

Etheridge told CBS News that after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and going through chemotherapy she began using marijuana for medicinal reasons.

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