Champagne Improves Skin Tone… And Much More!

For many years, drinking champagne has been perceived as a luxury. Whether you are drinking it straight or in a cocktail form, discover the many benefits of this bubbly wine. 

Is champagne healthy for you?

Good for your heart

SparklingWine Champagne Improves Skin Tone... And Much More!

Red wine is beneficial to your heart. Champagne is made from red grapes, and is healthy in equal measures. A study suggests that wine contains high levels of polyphenols found more in red grapes than in the white ones. These are known to lower blood pressure and also prevent users from developing heart problems. Drinking one glass of champagne once in a while can be beneficial for the strength of your blood vessels, thus reducing the risks of stroke and other heart illnesses.

You get to feel the effect of champagne quickly

woman sparkling wine Champagne Improves Skin Tone... And Much More!

Usually champagne takes less time to get into your system. While this may not seem like a good thing, it makes it a perfect cocktail party tipple. It quickly diffuses as it lifts your mood almost instantly. The University of Oxford carried out a study that revealed that the alcohol levels on individuals used to drinking champagne got high 20 minutes before those drinking flat wine. Fizz was therefore revealed to get into people’s bloodstreams quicker due to carbonation, rushing the alcohol from the stomach to the intestines. However, when you get high quickly, the effect does not last more than 45 minutes compared to a couple of hours for someone drinking wine. 

It improves skin tone

 Champagne Improves Skin Tone... And Much More!

Have you noticed that successful Formula One drivers have supple skin? This can be proven scientifically. Having champagne thrown at your face minutes after a race is an expensive, but it is an effective detoxifiern nonetheless. Champagne has antioxidants and lightening tartaric acids that help to even your skin tone. If you have oily skin, then champagne helps to clear out breakouts with its antibacterial properties.

The right way to enjoy champagne

Don’t keep it in the fridge

sparkling wine pic Champagne Improves Skin Tone... And Much More!

Usually, people put their bottles of champagne in a fridge. However, the best place to store champagne is in a cool and dry place. In case you don’t have a wine cellar you could place the bottle at the bottom of your wardrobe or your household cupboard as this serves as an excellent alternative. It is not a good idea to chill your champagne for too long in the fridge. It won’t be too pleasant to drink it while it is too cold. Only place it in an ice bucket for approximately 30 minutes before sharing it with guests.

Champagne evening

Sparkling Masters 16 Entry Form 04 02 16 2 1 Champagne Improves Skin Tone... And Much More!

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Do you love champagne? Do not hold back. It has loads of health benefits; it is good for your heart and  your skin tone. Do not forget to store your champagne in a cool and dry place and do not leave it to chill for too long before drinking.