Charlize Theron expresses her love for wine

South Africa’s golden girl, Charlize Theron, needs no introduction. In a recent interview with Gilbert & Gaillard, Charlize revealed her love affair with wine.

According to this blond bombshell, she has always associated wine with fashion and glamour. The stem of a wine glass reminds her of stilettos and she finds the shape of a wine bottle pleasing on the eye. An impressive label is what makes her buy a wine and she sees the popping of a cork as an act of love.

Charlize believes that wine is one of those things that sparks lengthily and passionate debates and allows you to connect with the people you love.

The “Monster” actress revealed in the interview that Blaauwklippen is her favourite wine estate in South Africa and stated that a visit to the winelands is a must.

When asked how much she is willing to spend on a bottle of wine, Charlize replied that it’s always better when you’re given wine. She did however admit that she loves strolling around in wine shops and enjoys spending time with friends whose lives revolves around wine. For her the bond between earth and what it yields is priceless and sometimes wish that she can hit the pause button and savour her wine moments, both visually and taste-wise.

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