Cherry juice can lower blood pressure and save your life

If tart Montmorency cherry concentrate was a drug, it would probably get FDA approval. This study has found that drinking cherry concentrate can lower systolic blood pressure for up to three hours.

Tart Montmorency cherries are rich in a number of plant compounds that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In cell and animal models, cherry extracts have been shown to have a range of cardiovascular health effects.

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer, globally. It’s the leading cause of death in adults in Europe and responsible for nearly half (48%) of all deaths.

High blood pressure (anything above 120/80mmHg) is the greatest risk factor for cardiovascular disease and even small reductions in blood pressure can have a big impact on mortality rates, according to Alternet.

In recent years Northumbria University has done a number of studies into the health benefits of tart Montmorency cherry concentrate. They found that drinking the concentrate improves the quality and quantity of sleep. It also reduces gout symptoms.

The blood pressure lowering effects of cherry juice are comparable to those achieved by some antihypertensive drugs—such as beta blockers and diuretics—in people with mild hypertension. Our findings suggest that Montmorency cherries could be used alongside standard treatment to manage hypertension.

Although long ignored, phenolic compounds—which are found in many plants—are now attracting widespread attention. Unlike the “traditional” nutrients, they don’t seem to be essential for short-term well-being—but there is increasing evidence that long-term intakes may reduce the incidence of some cancers and many chronic diseases, including CVD.


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