Coffee could be EXTINCT by 2080: how global warming is impacting our supply chain

START waving goodbye to your daily latte – a new report his revealed if global warming continues at its current rate, coffee could be extinct by 2080.

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine life without coffee, but in just a few decades, it’s expected that rising temperatures will mean half of the world’s coffee farming land will no longer be suitable for plantation.

The alarming findings are part of a report published by The Climate Institute, who also predict that wild coffee varieties such as Arabica could be extinct within the next 70 years unless climate change is tackled.

Coffee lovers wouldn’t be the only ones affected by a decline in the coffee industry.

The livelihoods of around 120million people in more than 70 countries who depend on the industry would also be damaged.

Alongside rising temperatures having an affect on coffee crops, fungis, such as coffee leaf rust, also caused by climate change, will also destroy plants.

Just four years ago, in 2012, Central America was hit by a wave of coffee leaf rust which caused a drop in production of around 2.7million bags, as well as affecting 350,000 jobs and costing the equivalent of £377mn.

The fungus is still spreading at this current time, with recent reports of it thriving in the mountainous areas of Columbia.

As a result of rising temperatures and fungi problems, half the world’s coffee farming land won’t be able to produce coffee by 2050.