How To Cook Grains

THE ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left many confined to their homes, and in need of something to do, many have turned to cooking. Here's how to cook grains.


Radio 2 Dj Johnnie Walker Opens Up On Revealing Cancer News To Wife ‘i Felt So Guilty’

JOHNNIE WALKER, the BBC Radio 2 host, has opened up about how he "felt so guilty" when he revealed he had cancer to his wife, Tiggy Walker.


How To Cook A Beef Joint

HOW to cook a beef joint may be a question running through many people's minds this weekend, as they try to make the most of the government lockdown with a roast Sunday lunch for the family. How do yo


Easter Egg Taste Test: The Best Easter Eggs To Buy This Year

EASTER is a week away, and giving easter eggs is on the most popular traditions of the season in the UK. Which are the best easter eggs in 2020? tasted a wide selection - this is the eas

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Coronavirus Food: Is It Safe To Keep Food After Its Best Before And Use By Date?

THE CORONAVIRUS lockdown means we are encouraged to shop as infrequently as possible which means at times food might go out of date. But can you eat food which is beyond its use-by date?


Takeaway: How To Make Mcdonald’s, Kfc And Nando’s At Home

AS BRITAIN prepares for another week in lockdown, shops and businesses have closed their doors to customers and Brits up and down the country are missing their favourite takeaways. We have everything


Mcdonalds Breakfast: How To Make Sausage And Egg Mcmuffin

AS THE UK continues its second week in lockdown, all shops and non-essential business have closed their doors - including McDonald's. How do you make a sausage and egg McMuffin?


Jamie Oliver’s Keep Calm And Cook Coronavirus Recipes Including A Pan Cooked Breakfast

JAMIE OLIVER's Keep Calm and Cook aired on Channel 4 tonight. Here are his easy recipes to make with cupboard essentials during coronavirus.


How To Make Rice Krispie Treats

BRITS have been instructed to stay indoors for the foreseeable future, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic gripping the country, and there is no better time to experiment with sweet treats.


How To Cook Lentils

LENTILS are among the oldest known pulses in the world and can be used in soups, curries, salads and an accompaniment to a tasty meal. Here's a guide on how to cook lentils.

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