Cork Pops – The Ultimate Wine Opener

Now you can have as much fun opening a bottle of wine as drinking it – well almost!

How does it work? Simply cut the foil with the built in 4-blade foil cutter and insert the Teflon-coated needle through the cork. Inject a dose of inert gas (fed from a low-pressure canister) activated by your thumb into the gap between the wine and the cork, popping the cork from the bottle. The extracted cork is removed from the opener with
an effortless twisting motion.

How many bottles can I open? One canister opens ± 50 bottles of wine.

Will the gas spoil my wine? No, the canister is an inert gas (industrial type argon) that CANNOT contaminate or carbonate the wine, as it has no CO²content – plus environmentally friendly.

Can it break the bottle? The pressure in the canister is regulated to below the specification of traditional 750ml wine bottles. If the cork is stuck, the pressure can’t increase in the bottle beyond the canister pressure, unlike the manual hand pump opener.

What about plastic (tight) corks? CorkPops opens bottles with plastic corks, but you need to assist by lifting the opener while injecting pressure. Some plastic corks like the ones you can’t even re-insert can be a battle. Newly bottled wine corks are often tight, so opening these wines may need assistance by lifting the opener whilst injecting pressure. The longer the cork is in the bottle it softens and is easier to extract – like corks from aged wine. This is a unique feature, as
it NEVER breaks brittle or soft corks as it uses pressure against the cork and not the strength of the cork.

Handy tips to open ± 50 bottles per canister
• ONLY open full bottles of wine.
• AVOID plastic corks, as they use a lot of gas
• NEVER press the gas canister when the needle is not through the cork.
• Start by giving the canister a quick thumb jab and apply more pressure if the cork doesn’t start moving. Also try lifting the opener slightly. As the cork starts moving, release your thumb totally. Pressing down after the cork comes out only wastes gas.

Price: R399

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