Couple Uncovers 66 Bottles Of 100-year-old Whisky Hidden In Their Walls

A couple were shocked to discover 66 bottles of whisky hiding in the walls of their house in New York. Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker bought the 105-year-old home last year for $183,000 (£137,000). The home once belonged to Adolph Humphner, also known as ‘Mystery Man of the Mohawk Valley’, who was rumoured to be a bootlegger during the prohibition era when alcohol was banned.

The couple came across something which suggests the rumours were true while renovating.

While removing an exterior trim, a package wrapped in old straw, paper, and string fell out of the wall. At first, the couple thought it was insulation but soon realised it was actually bottles of whisky.

As they removed move of the wood, they found more and more bottles, before moving onto a hatch they found in the old mudroom. There they found more bottles hidden under the floorboards, but sadly, they were all empty.

The whiskey bottles date back to 1923 and about 13 bottles are full. Some are half-full bottles and the rest have mostly evaporated.

The couple haven’t tried any yet but said on their Instagram @bootleggerbungalow that they hope to soon.