Dan Aykroyd Celebrates Crystal Head Vodka’s 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, with several successful careers under his belt—of which included Academy Award-nominated actor (for the 1989 drama “Driving Miss Daisy”) , comedian (he was an original member of the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” on “Saturday Night Live” and actually conceived and starred in the original “Ghostbusters”), musician (his musical sketch with John Belushi spawned an actual band, The Blues Brothers), businessman (he co-founded the House of Blues and filmmaker—Dan Aykroyd decided he needed another new venture. In 2007, together with artist John Alexander, launched Crystal Head, a pure vodka free of additives, glycerol, citrus oil or sugars encased in a crystal skull (which was designed from an actual human skull), symbolizing life, power and enlightenment.

Now, to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, Akyroyd and Alexander have launched its Series No.1, an evocative design derived from the artists expressive 1988 oil painting ‘Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life,’ which is currently on display in the Dallas Museum of Art. Housing the award-winning Original Crystal Head Vodka, each of the first, limited-edition’s 25,000 bottles are hand-decorated by one of three highly skilled craftsmen from Milan, Italy and then numbered to further emphasize the novelty. Less than 5,000 bottles will be available in the United States. We sat down with the original Blues Brother to discuss his brand’s evolution, how he—like his vodka—pushes boundaries and though business is now his focus, the one filmmaker that he would drop everything for.

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