Drink Dujour: Crystal Head Vodka By Dan Aykroyd

Toast to the spooky season with this Smoke, Mirrors, and Colors cocktail made with Crystal Head Vodka, founded by Dan Aykroyd.


Crystal Head Vodka Unveils New Agave Based Expression In A Black Skull Bottle

Dan Aykroyd, who is now more famous for his spirits brand than his acting skills, has added another product to his Crystal Head Vodka range. The new agave based vodka is called Onyx and comes in a jet black skull shaped bottle.


Crystal Head Vodka Introduces ‘onyx’ In A Black Skull Bottle

Crystal Head Vodka unveiled Onyx, a new agave based expression, bottled in a jet black skul bottle designed by artist John Alexander.


Introducing Crystal Head Onyx, An Agave-based Vodka

Multi-award winning, ultra-premium Crystal Head Vodka, known for its signature skull bottle, continues to lead with creativity and innovation with the [...]


Crystal Head Onyx Vodka Gets Dark With Black Skull Bottle

Dan Aykroyd is out of his own vodka. You would think that would be impossible, but with the release this week of Crystal Head?s newest expression ?Onyx,? it?s


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Passion Is The Marrow Of Success

The actor and co-founder of Crystal Head Vodka talks about the origins of the spirits brand and the importance of positivity in business.


Crystal Head Vodka Honors Pride With Limited-edition Bottle

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