Dave Matthews Makes Wine, and Damn It, We Like It

Every now and then, a jam-band virtuoso from UVA discovers that “jammy” has more than one meaning and awakens to discover he has become a winemaker.

With years of experience blending complex notes, if you will, it’s only natural that such a person would take to blending grapes. And speaking of only natural, you don’t get a good wine out of disrespect for the environment any more than you get a good live show founded in disrespect for acoustics. So.

People, I give you Dave Matthews and The Dreaming Tree.

Matthews has teamed up with New Zealand native Sean McKenzie to put out a range of California wines that combine oeno-chops with respect for ecology. They make thoughtful packaging decisions, source grapes from sustainable growers, and donate a portion of their sales to the Wilderness Society.

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