DJ Diplo Picks Alcoholic Kombucha As His Drink Of Choice For Summer

Diplo will be sipping on hard kombucha this summer season. This after the world-famous DJ invested in JuneShine,  one of the leading brands of the hard kombucha craze.

Amped to lead a healthier life, Diplo told Billboard: “As I’ve gotten older I’ve become much more aware and intentional about what I put in my body because it makes such a difference in my overall mood and energy levels. Last year I made hard kombucha my drink of choice because I feel better when I drink JuneShine,” Diplo says.

To celebrate his investment and healthier lifestyle choices, Diplo dropped a summer playlist to enjoy while sipping on some JuneShine.

Diplo is not the only celeb backing the health-conscious beverage brand. The company secured investments from a string of stars in its Series A funding round. Comedian Whitney Cummings and US Women’s National Team members Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger are amongst the list of names.

Positioning itself as a ‘spirited functional drink,’ JuneShine aims to inspire people to rethink the way they drink by brewing an organic, transparent and sustainable hard kombucha made with real ingredients and low in sugar.

The San Diego-based company has brewed organic, alcoholic kombucha (6% ABV) since June 2018. The funding comes at an exciting time for JuneShine and will be used to increase production capacity, produce better-for-you adult beverages, and for the development of new brick-and-mortar tasting rooms. The company opened its flagship Santa Monica tasting room in the heart of West Los Angeles.