Drinking Games To Play With Friends

There’s nothing quite like a fun night of drinking with your friends at home. You don’t have to worry about paying outlandish nightclub costs and you’re with people you are comfortable with. Whatever the occasion, spending a night drinking and chatting with your friends can turn into a really great evening. 

One of the things that makes these gatherings even more fun and memorable is drinking games. Playing a game can really inject life into a dying party, break the ice, or just amp up the fun. There are plenty of options when it comes to drinking games. Depending on your group of friends and the number of players, there’s a game that caters to the crowd. So, here are some suggestions for drinking games to play with friends. 

Sports-Based Drinking Games 

It’s pretty common for a group of friends who like sports to gather around for big events and grab some beers. Not only is this a great way to spend an evening, but you can even add a little bit more to it by making up a drinking game to go with it. This is where you can personalise it to suit your drinking levels and frequency. Some examples of how you could play a sports based drinking game are as such: 

Baseball – For baseball, you could take a shot for every home run, or take a sip for every base the batter runs. 

Boxing – Take a shot for a knockout, or a sip every time the fight enters a new round.

Soccer – Take a shot for every goal, or a sip every time there is a yellow or red card. 

Never Have I Ever 

This one is a classic. If you haven’t played Never Have I Ever Before, you probably haven’t drunk too much alcohol. The rules of Never Have I Ever are very simple. You take it in turns to make statements to the rest of the group, saying the phrase “never have I ever” first. If any of the participants have done the statement, they must take a drink. The statements can be anything really, but people often aim theirs to try to learn some interesting secrets about another player. This game is also a great ice breaker, as everyone will get a little bit more comfortable with one another. 


Kings is another very popular choice for a drinking game. The game requires two things, a king’s cup and a deck of cards. Spread the cards around the king’s cup face down. Each player will then take turns drawing the cards. Depending on the face of the card, you will have to complete an action

The game goes on until the four kings have been drawn. Every king card prior to the final one will see that player pour some of their drink into the cup. The person unfortunate enough to draw the last king will then have the pleasure of drinking the entirety of the king’s cup.