Drinks To Try In The Chilling Parts Of The World

If you live in an area that experiences extreme winters, you know just how crucial it is to know how to stay warm and comfortable through the cold season. In addition to wearing warm clothing, staying indoors and putting the heating system on, a hot beverage can be a perfect way to keep warm.

But then again, cold seasons are not equal in all places. Due to geographical and climate differences, some places around the globe tend to be extremely chilling. Talk of the likes of Snag, Yukon in Canada, Hell in Norway, Barrow in Alaska, Fraser in Colorado, and Yakutsk, Russia, just to mention some of the coldest parts of the world. From coffees to teas and alcoholic drinks, there are many kinds of drinks that you can use to warm up your body on a cold day.

Especially if you’re a travel enthusiast here is a list of some drinks to try in the chilling parts of the world.

Irish Coffee

Coffee is by far one of the most popular beverages around the world. Needless to mention, there are so many different types of coffee drinks as far as recipes are concerned. But nothing beats Irish coffee when it comes to spiking your body with a charm of warmth. To make this, you just have to brew your coffee in your favorite way and add some shots of whiskey to spice things up. It comes out even better if you add some heavy cream along with a few spoons of brown sugar.

Some other nice alternatives to Irish coffee include Mexican coffee (with tequila instead of whiskey) and shitty coffee (with vodka instead of whiskey). Even for a person who always wanted to cruise to Alaska, Irish coffee can be the perfect drink to brighten up your trip when you start approaching the chilling yet exquisitely amazing destinations.

Hot Toddy

This is another cold weather warmer that you can quickly prepare with the snap of a finger. You just need some hot water, some honey, and your favorite dark liquor. Most people like it better with a few added winter spices such as cinnamon, cloves or allspice. This drink will definitely warm your body up when in a chilly place. You can even replace the alcohol with tea if you’d rather not take alcohol.

Milk and Honey Cocktail

This is another great drink you should try when the temperatures start going below comfortable levels in your travel destination. You will only need some hot milk, an orange slice, some cinnamon and a few shots of Benedictine, a sweet, ancient-age herbal liqueur made by monks in the late 17th century. You will feel a nice spike of warmth through your body within not too long.

Spicy Hot Chocolate

Thanks to the many benefits of chocolate, we all love it, or at least most of us do. You will just need to heat your chocolate, and add some milk or cream to the mixture, along with some spice such as cayenne.  

Of course, these are just a few of the many drinks you’d want to try during your visit to a chilly destination. Some expert travellers also recommend hot apple cider and other drinks such as warm sake, hot buttered rum, and mulled wine, just to name a few. Nonetheless, be sure to do some research about the recipes for whichever beverage you choose to warm your body up with.