Drunk Mode App aims to be college kids’ responsible drinking buddy

There were inklings of hints that this was the frattiest startup of all time. For starters, the subject line of the email pitch was “Not Porn” and it was about an app called Drunk Mode that helps wastoids avoid the unsightly ramifications of getting wasted.

The app was started by Josh Anton in 2013 during his time at University of Virginia. He told me that he thought of the startup when a friend drunk dialed him “at a party at 3 AM and said some things she wouldn’t have said sober.”

I wanted to hear about the ensuing tales of intrigue as him and his frat bros wrestled with starting a totally rad app while also picking up chicks and pounding back natty lights, but alas it turns out that Anton wasn’t in a fraternity and doesn’t even drink much. This took me back a bit when considering that his product is currently one of the most popular inebriated app aids available with about 750k downloads to date.

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