Eco coffee pods made from bamboo and paper are launched to take on the aluminium capsules advertised by George Clooney 

New ‘green’ coffee capsules are being launched to take on the aluminium Nespresso versions promoted by George Clooney.

The capsules, which have been designed by the start-up company Halo, are compatible with the Nespresso machines advertised by the US movie star.

They are made from a natural mix of fibres, including bamboo and paper.

As a result, every capsule biodegrades completely within 90 days, whereas an aluminium capsule takes 150 to 200 years.

A huge amount of energy is used to refine the aluminium used to make the capsules from raw bauxite, a process that produces a lot of toxic waste.

The 3g pod is used just once before being thrown away – although they are designed to be recycled.