Fizz It Up: 20 Cocktails To Spice Up Your Lazy, Summer Days

Whether you’re spending your summer preparing a barbeque or a pool party or just enjoying your free time on a hammock, you will need some refreshing cocktails to cool down. From simple batches of ice-cold tea or lemonade to bubbly sangria, your summer drink doesn’t have to be boring, both aesthetic and taste-wise. 

There are several options for you to try, from fruity drinks perfect for hot summer days to bourbon-based cocktails ideal for outdoor barbeque get-togethers. Here is a list of summer cocktails to spice up any occasions you have up your sleeves! 

Mai Tai

When ordering Mai Tai at bars these days, you’ll most likely have a fruity and heavily-sugared cocktail. However, a classic Mai Tai has a rich and creamy aftertaste, with a little bit of nutty flavor. It comes from sours, a family of drinks made with base spirits, sweeteners, and citruses. 

A traditional Mai Tai cocktail is considered a rum sour or a daiquiri prepared with two different kinds of rum, lime juice, orange liqueur, and orgeat as sweeteners. Orgeat or almond syrup is made from sugar, almonds, and orange blossom water by a fifth-generation family in France during the 1800s. 

Clover Club

Another classic! The Clover Club is always sure to steal the show at every summer party. It is a bright pink cocktail made with grenadine syrup or sweet raspberries, gin, and zingy lemon, giving a balanced fruity tart flavor. Clover Clubs often have egg-white foams that leave a frothy texture in every sip. ‘

Gin Fizz

The Gin Fizz is traditionally made of four essential ingredients: gin, soda water, lemon juice, and sweetener. This is a light, refreshing, and incredibly foamy and fizzy cocktail, hence, the name. The drink’s presentation calls for tall glasses like Collins glass and highball glass to accommodate its frothy head. 

One can also get away with rocks glasses when serving Gin Fizz at backyard parties. Some other versions of this cocktail use egg whites, but it should be shaken dry to achieve the frothiest head its presentation requires. 

Piña Colada

When looking for a refreshing drink after a hot day, a sultry piña colada is an answer. Most people may associate this cocktail with laid-back pool parties, but its ingredients that consist of rum, pineapple, and coconut actually call for a tiki drink canon. 

There is also a misconception between blended and shaken piña colada among cocktail enthusiasts. Some insist that blended piña coladas are modernized versions of the drink, but it’s the original. It is the shaken piña colada that is the contemporary one. But, no matter what, this cocktail is unbeatable when it comes to its tropical flavor. 

Long Island Iced Tea

White light may be the combination of all colors that the human eye can see, but so do the Long Island iced tea when it comes to cocktails. Considered the rainbow of high-proof drinks mixed into one balanced cocktail, Long Island iced tea can be surprisingly sparkly and refreshing. 

This drink is usually made with gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, and tequila served in a cold pitcher. You can mix some lime juice and fresh lemon or some maple syrup and a splash of soda to round things out. 


It’s impossible for anyone not to know anything about Mojito. This is considered one of the trendy rum cocktails around the world. Its history can be traced back to 16th-century Cuba and named after Sir Francis Drake, who visited Havana in the 1500s. Its recipe consists of mint, lime, and sugar and is consumed initially for its healing properties. 

Whiskey Sour

The traditional Whiskey Sour is made with whiskey, sugar, lemon juice, and egg whites to tame its tart flavor, which, in return, creates a richer texture. While modern-day bars serve Whiskey Sours without egg in it, you can still recreate it by dry shaking all the ingredients to incorporate all the flavor into one coordinated package. 

Aperol Spritz

If you prefer spending your hot summer days at home, let yourself enjoy some refreshing Aperol Spritz while sitting on your couch. It’s surprisingly easy to make; you only have to combine its three ingredients (prosecco, Aperol, and soda) with ice; no shaking or stirring is required! 


The Paloma is a refreshing Mexican cocktail made with two essential ingredients of grapefruit and tequila to create a little fizz and tarty flavor. Its name comes from the Spanish word “dove,” making it more perfect for serving in a laid-back summer getaway.

Tom Collins

A classic Tom Collins features gin, simple syrup, club soda, and lemon juice in its mixture. This highly refreshing drink gives off a flavor of sparkling lemonade, perfect for cooling down after spending a good time on a hot, sunny day outside. 


People always look forward to lazy summer afternoons, where barbeque and pool parties are held. But, it will never be complete without a serving of your favorite cocktail to make you and your guests feel as refreshed as ever.