Foods to get you in the mood

Like many aspects of health, our sex drive is affected by what we put into our bodies. Depending on what you consume, wining and dining a date can induce more sleep than romance. A big, fancy dinner, a bottle of wine and fine chocolates may sound sweet — but such meals are actually little more than empty calories.

To really get your blood going, consider circulation-enhancing dishes. Food that’s high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as mackerel, salmon and wild salmon are best. Omega-3 makes your nervous system function better. Sex is really about circuitry. Multivitamins and minerals will help, too. Both improve neurological function, which contributes to good circulation.

Put some sparkle back in to your love life with the help of these fab foods that will help boost your sex drive.


Almonds are a great source of essential fatty acids. These provide the raw material for a man’s healthy production of hormones. Ladies, if you wanna rip your man’s clothes of every time he nibbles on almonds don’t be shocked as the smell of the nuts is said to arouse passion in women.


If you ever needed an excuse to eat chocolate this has to be it! There’s evidence that chocolate may meet a variety of needs, from the libido to the heart. Chocolate contains tryptophan, which is a building block of serotonin. This is a chemical in the brain which is involved in sexual arousal.


There’s nothing like breakfast in bed … and a morning quickie! Eggs serve a number of purposes when you’re trying to increase your sex drive. Vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 in the eggs reduce stress, which can help put you in the mood. Eggs are also a symbol of fertility and rebirth.


The Aztecs referred to the avocado tree ahuacatl as a “testicle tree.” Avos increase your libido as it contains passion inducers potassium and vitamin B6. Avocados are also packed with folic acid, which is great at metabolising proteins and therefore boosting your energy levels.


Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which can reduce impotence in men. In ancient times in Mexico bananas were gifts for newly married couple as a phallic symbol and a symbol of love and sexuality.


Fire up your sex life by adding some chilli! Using chilli in your food is a good way to stimulate your lust, as it contains chemical capsaicin. This triggers a surge of endorphins giving you a euphoric high.


Soy foodshelp to bind estrogen, which can keep the vaginal area lubricated. For men, it can help promote prostate health. Tofu and edamame beans are both winners.


This might be the oldest one in the book but oysters are sure to boost your libido. Additionally, many people simply find the act of eating an oyster erotic. Oysters contain both zinc and dopamine. Zinc raises testosterone and sperm production, which are both considered important for enhancing libido.