Four Reasons to visit Four Cousins in Robertson

If you’re looking for the perfect experience during your visit to the Robertson Wine Valley, look no further than Four Cousins. The modern tasting facility is one of the best places to stop as you enter the town. It’s great for groups and those wanting a more sleek wine-country experience with plenty of offerings.

Here are four reason to visit Four Cousins the next time you drive through Robertson.

The various tasting experiences

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Four Cousins boasts ten different tasting options, with pairings ranging from R35 to R55 per person. Offerings include:

  • The Sparkling Wine Pairing: 4 sparkling wines paired with 3 rich cheeses and a strawberry meringue for the ultimate kick of sweetness.
  • The Family Pairing: 5 wines paired with family favourites like breakfast biscuits, Liquorice Allsorts, Turkish delight, Strawberry Whirl and Zoo Cookies.
  • The Olyfberg Pairing: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tapenade and olives with 2 red wines from the Four Cousins Singles range.
  • The Fan Platter: a red and a rosé from the original range, a snifter of Four Cousins’ marula flavoured cream liqueur and a delightful rosé granita topped with powdered fennel paired with biltong, fudge and chocolate.
  • The Skinny Pairing: a white, rosé and red from the Skinny wine range combined with chocolate-coated nuts, cranberry health bar and pistachio nuts.
  • The Scottish Cousin Pairing:  5, 8 and 12-year-old blended whisky experience with nougat, toffee and a Sweetie Pie.
  • The Zari Platter: non-alcoholic range paired with tasty smoked cheese, peri-peri cashews, brie cheese and cranberry nougat.
  • The Kiddies Platter: grape juices paired with sweeties.
  • The Fiver Party Platter: the Fiver wine spritser range paired with popcorn, candy floss, and blue cheese and nachos.
  • The Boet Beer Tasting: taste the lager, pilsner, IPA and Weiss.

The Brewery

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For when a bottle of wine just won’t do, pop around to the on-site brewery and grab a craft Boet Beer from the tap. You might even be lucky enough to be able to meet the brewmaster himself and learn about this incredible art.

The Shop

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Here you can purchase bottles of wine, whisky, craft cider and craft beer from the Four Cousins range, along with a selection of locally-sourced products, including the Olyfberg range of creams and olive oils. Other offerings include Four Cousins memorabilia such as t-shirts, bottle openers and wine bags.

The Restaurant

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The modern restaurant offers an menu with literally something for everyone. Salads, flat-breads, pizzas, burgers, steaks and grills. The portions are generous, the dishes are hearty, and you will certainly not leave hungry.

Book your experience via email at or call 023-615-1505.

Visit the Four Cousins website to find our more.