France is opening a Wine Theme Park

On Wednesday, June 1, France is answering the prayers of wine lovers everywhere with a brand new wine-themed park.

La Cité du Vin – The City of Wine – located on the banks of the Garonne River in Bordeaux, France – one of the most famous of France’s wine-growing regions – is a 10-story museum/theme park mashup, aiming to attract 450,000 visitors per year.

The structure of the museum, designed by Parisian architects XTU and English museum design experts Casson Mann Limited, symbolizes the swirl of wine moving in a glass and the coiled movement of a grapevine.

“Their design captures the spirit of wine and its fluid essence: ‘a seamless curve, intangible and sensual,’” the press brochure published by La Cité du Vin read.

According to CNBC, the museum took seven years of construction and a whopping 81 million euro ($91 million) to complete. With 19 percent of the funding coming from private companies and 81 percent from public sources, the project is the very first of its kind in France.