Fresh strawberries and plain greek yogurt

Fresh strawberries are really good for you, and although they may be a little sweeter, they’re great for a lot of things involving a person’s health. More often than not, people will find themselves eating a good amount of these when they’re on a diet, and that’s assuredly a good thing, as people generally do not like to diet.

A lot of people aren’t aware of the nutritional content that the strawberry contains, especially when you stack it up against other fruits. Strawberries actually contain a bit fibre and potassium than a good amount of the fruits out there.

All you need to get you daily strawberry fix is:


  • Fresh strawberries
  • plain greek yoghurt
  • honey to sweeten
  • 1tsp of vanilla extract
  • a handful of raw almonds


  1. Mix and enjoy.