Gentle Giant by Haut Espoir Earns Title Of Best Selling Wine On

We’ve just returned from a week in South Africa and one thing is certain, the wines they’re making are incredibly exciting. We’ve visited every year since 2016 and the leaps forward in quality in that short time have been staggering.

Our best selling wine last year was Gentle Giant by Haut Espoir which is the best bottle of wine you’ll ever buy at under £15 but what’s also really exciting is the fine wine market.

South Africa is still yet to establish itself with a winery that produces icon wines such as Chateau Montelena in the USA, Penfolds in Australia or Seña in Chile. These wines all made their name for their quality but then rocketed in value due to their cult status meaning you end up paying for the name on the label rather than what’s in the bottle.