George Clooney to launch a private tequila label

What do two famous cool dudes and best friends for over 20 years do when they’ve got money to burn, own vacation houses adjacent to each other in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and love to drink tequila? Develop and label their own tequila, of course.

This month, Hollywood hunk George Clooney and restaurant mogul Rande Gerber will combine their friendship with their rumored favorite activity (drinking) and launch a private tequila label called Casamigos—loosely translated as “House of Friends.”

After five years in the making and reportedly more tastings than what is the norm, or so says their distiller, Clooney and Gerber have recently gone on a U.S. tour to show off their newest product. Initially they are introducing the tequila in large markets like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Dallas and Las Vegas, and later this year it is slated to expand into 33 states.

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