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Hangover-free Cocktails May Soon Be A Reality

MANY of us know all too well the consequences associated with a big night of drinking. The headache, dry mouth, uneasy stomach and general feeling of self-pity.

No one looks forward to a hangover. In fact, people will try pretty much anything (except not ordering that extra round of shots) to avoid one.

Cures range from the obvious like drinking plenty of water and popping a couple of aspirin before bed to eating prickly pear cactus, throwing back some activated charcoal and having sex.

But navigating your way through the ever growing list of miracle hangover cures may be a thing of the past, with the invention of a new synthetic alcohol that eliminates the risk of a hangover all together.

Drugs scientist and Imperial College Professor, David Nutt has created the aptly named ‘alcosynth’, which is designed to mirror the effects of alcohol minus the throbbing headache.

According to The Times, Professor Nutt has plans to roll out alcosynth in over one hundred cocktail bars by 2020.

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