Help Save The Planet; One Paper Water Bottle At A Time

It’s no secret that around 80 per cent of the 80 billion plastic bottles produced annually will end up in landfills or oceans where it will take 800 years to biodegrade. Plastic bottles have become a staple convenience of modern lifestyle and this is bad news for mother earth.

Every country in the world has its own plastic-bottled drinking water mega-company that produces millions every day. The fact is, according to research, humans are consuming about a million plastic bottle every minute worldwide.

To make it sounds worse, you need to know that less than 10% of those plastic bottles are being recycled. The rest of them go to the ocean or being buried in the ground, and spend the rest of their 400-year lifetime to decompose into organic materials.

Water is one of our most basic needs to survive, and that’s why reducing water consumption is not an option for us. But instead of reducing our water consumption, why don’t we just reduce our plastic bottle directly?

That’s possible, actually, thanks to an innovation by Paper Water Bottle. As the company name states, it produces water bottles made of paper.

Paper Water Bottle is a fruit of a child’s observation and a child’s dream comes true. One day, Jim Warner, a water bottle designer, was walking with his son, James. The child asked why his dad worked as a ‘trash’ designer, and that was the turning point for Jim Warner.

The Water Paper Bottle is made of a sustainable combination of plant-based fibres to allow efficient biodegradability.

“We Help Save Our Planet” is their corporate pledge to people around the world.

Solving the problem of plastic requires a shift at every level: country, industry, and consumer. And in order to accomplish this, an easily understood “big idea” is needed to drive change.