Herbalife Prolessa Duo Maintains Muscle As You Eat Less

Just about every dieter runs into obstacles when they are trying to lose weight. It’s hard to control hunger. You can have your diet foods measured to the exact number of calories and the precise grams of fat, and then you pass a doughnut shop, and all your careful diet planning goes by the wayside.

And you can muster the willpower to stick to your diet and lose weight — but you keep the fat and lose muscle.

Herbalife designed Prolessa Duo to support your weight loss program precisely in these two areas (plus one more we’ll mention in a moment). In this product review, we’ll explain how Prolessa Duo, used with Formula 1 Herbalife Shakes, helps you maintain portion control and lose pounds of muscle instead of pounds of fat.

One of the active ingredients in Herbalife Prolessa Duo is conjugated linoleic acid, also known as CLA.

CLA is a useful fatty acid made by animals that chew grasses, especially cattle and sheep. Cattle and sheep that spend their lives in a feedlot don’t make a lot of CLA. There is also CLA in Agaricus mushrooms (also known as almond mushrooms because of their nutty flavor), and our bodies can make it from pomegranate seeds. It can also be made from sunflower, safflower, and soybean oils.

There have been no fewer than 159 clinical trials and academic literature reviews of the usefulness of CLA in supporting healthy weight. 

CLA puts your fat cells to work in helping you lose weight. It also activates a gene called PPAR-gamma that enables fat cells to burn fat instead of storing it. It mobilizes fat that is ordinarily “stuck” in fat cells by transforming triglycerides into free fatty acids that can flower out of your fat, so your bloodstream can carry them to your muscles. That way, you can burn off fat when you exercise. And it “upregulates” the production of a hormone called adiponectin that helps your body burn sugar efficiently.

Your body can do all of these things with CLA from food, but additional CLA from Prolessa Duo supports your body’s structure and function to do more of them.

Prolessa Duo also contains a mixture of palm and oat oils.

It may seem a little odd to add oils, which, after all, are fats, to a product designed to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. But these aren’t any ordinary oils.

All palm oil isn’t created equal. Herbalife Prolessa Duo uses red palm oil, the cold-pressed palm oil that still has all the healthy plant compounds that your body turns into vitamin A. When palm oil is combined with oat oil, they emulsify the food digesting in your stomach. They turn the food you eat into a creamy mixture. Nerve endings in your lower digestive tract send a message to your brain, “OK, I’ve had enough,” as the food mixed with palm and oat oil reaches your small intestine for further processing.

A research group at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Louisiana State University gave a group of dieters 4.2 grams (that’s a little less than 1/6 of an ounce) of a mixture of these two oils every day for 12 weeks. Compared to another group of dieters who didn’t get the mixture of palm and oat oil, this test group lost about 1/2 an inch more around the waist during the duration of the study.

Half an inch around your waist isn’t going to force you to buy a new wardrobe, but who wouldn’t want to lose another half an inch of waistline if all you have to do is diet as usual and take these two natural food oils?

We said there was one more secret to how Prolessa Duo in your Formula 1 Herbalife Shakes helps you maintain muscle as you lose weight. It’s the water or milk you use to make your Herbalife Shakes.

Muscles pump themselves up with a molecule called glycogen. And can you guess what a molecule of glycogen is made of? Four molecules of water and one molecule of glucose. Staying hydrated as you diet with Formula 1 Herbalife Shakes helps you maintain muscle mass as you lose weight.

Prolessa Duo is an easy addition to your healthy weight loss program; just check out the Herbalife reviews. Simply add Prolessa Duo to your Formula 1 Herbalife Shakes and enjoy!