How Does CBD Work Inside Your Body?

Many people nowadays are getting curious about cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Their curiosity likely stems from the popularity of the substance among many celebrities, such as Martha Stewart, who swear by the positive benefits she’s derived from using CBD, even on her pets! However, some people may not be aware of just how cbd öl works within the human body.

To understand just why CBD is so useful, it pays to first check how it’s used and why it’s the preferred alternative for some health issues.

CBD And How It Enters Your Body

When trying to understand CBD and how it works inside the body, you must first know that there are three ways of taking it. This includes ingesting it orally as an edible, applying it to your body as a topical, or smoking it, a method better known as ‘vaping.’

  • Vaping: Among these three methods, it’s vaping that’s said to deliver the fastest results since inhaled CBD vapors are absorbed readily through your lungs. 
  • Topicals: If you apply a topical or CBD hemp salve to your skin, it works as a ‘localized’ delivery system, wherein it generally affects only the area where you smeared it on. 
  • Edibles: Edible CBD is absorbed at the slowest rate among the three since it has to pass through the human digestive system before it can be absorbed. Research has shown that the human digestive tract can absorb only a very small percentage of the CBD content of what you ate. 

If you like the edible CBD route of delivery, one option you can look at is to take CBD-infused beverages. You may have a faster chance of absorbing CBD into your system when it’s in drink form, and you may even experiment with the drinks that you can infuse CBD into, such as tea, smoothies, coffee, and more. (Check out here,

For How Long Does CBD Stay Within the Human Body?

People absorb CBD in different ways. This means that even if a group of people take the same dose of CBD using the same delivery method at the same time, some may retain the presence of CBD within their body for a few hours, while others might have it for days or even weeks. There’s no accurate way of predicting how long CBD will last in your body after it’s been absorbed. 

However, there are some methods you can use to estimate the length of time CBD may stay within your body. Generally, the larger the CBD dose is, the longer it will stay inside of you. CBD also accumulates in your system if you take it regularly. This means that daily consumption may likely result in having CBD still floating around your system from a previous dose. 

Other factors that influence the duration of CBD within your body are the following:

  • Your metabolism.
  • The amount of water within your body.
  • Your body mass index.
  • The amount, kind, and frequency of your meals.

Again, it should be stressed that the delivery methods previously mentioned will influence the length of time the CBD remains within you. For instance, vaping can induce its effects after around 15 minutes from the time you smoked CBD. But while it’s the fastest delivery method, the effects also disappear the quickest with vaping. If you’re really concerned about how fast you can absorb CBD and how long it will remain inside your body, you may choose to do trial and error to find the delivery method that will help you the most and whose effects will last the longest.

Benefits Of CBD To The Body 

Hemp oil, Hand holding bottle of Cannabis oil against Marijuana plant, CBD oil pipette

Unlike its cousin marijuana, CBD is claimed to be non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t induce the feeling of being ‘high’ since it’s sourced straight from the hemp plant. Quality CBD products like the Joy Organics range contain little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound that actually causes the high sensation. Under United States federal law, CBD products containing 0.3% of THC or less are considered legal, and this is why many people, even celebrities, look to CBD as an alternative to mainstream medication as there doesn’t seem to be any risk of getting addicted or intoxicated.  You can buy CBD oil on prescription from an online pharmacy store easily. 

Aside from this, CBD there are many benefits you can derive from CBD once it’s absorbed by the body. Some of the purported benefits of taking CBD include: 

  • Relief from depression and anxiety
  • Pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Management of pain felt when undergoing cancer treatment 
  • Better sleep
  • Less scatterbrained and more focused
  • Reduce acne
  • Possible treatment for epilepsy
  • May aid in managing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke

Play It Safe When Sourcing Your CBD

One very important aspect of taking CBD for your body is to always stick to methods that are safe. This includes looking for reputable merchants to buy your CBD from. It won’t do you any good to take CBD for therapeutic reasons if the CBD you use is tainted in some way. 

Beware of some merchants who might claim that their CBD product is top quality yet when the product is tested, it doesn’t even contain any CBD, or it contains less than the amount stated in the label. Keep in mind that there are also CBD products tainted with heavy metals that can literally make you sick if not caught in time. Do your research and always opt for CBD that has been tested by a third-party lab to ascertain its contents. 

Final Takeaway

It’s helpful to know that CBD may be able to address some health issues, such as anxiety, depression, joint pain, neurodegenerative diseases, acne, and sleep problems, among others. However, take note that CBD is not a cure-all substance, even though it’s a remarkable healthy option to use when you’re undergoing some health issues. The key to using CBD the right way is to bear in mind that medical science still has to do more research about it to discover its many applications. So be cautious while you explore the fascinating world of CBD therapies so you don’t get into trouble or put your health at great risk.