How Enemigo Became The World’s Most Celebrated Tequila

Three guys who created a 32-time award-winning tequila company, all before turning 30? We’ll ‘cheers’ to that. Enemigo Tequila has well and truly made a big impression on the New York City, East End, and LA crowds in the know. CEO and founder Robin Clough pours one out for The Daily and gives us the low down on everything we need to know about what is fast becoming the most celebrated tequila in the world.

What’s a fun fact that might surprise us about tequila?

Tequila is as controlled and protected as Champagne: it can only be created using one specific species of Agave—Blue Weber Agave—and it can only be produced in certain regions within Mexico. Our distillery is in the actual town of Tequila, so our Tequilas are produced in the land where the incredible spirit was actually created.

You began working on Enemigo back in 2013 when you were in your early 20s. What do you know now that you wish you knew back then?

It has been a wonderful six year run so far—and long may it continue! We could probably write a series of books on what we have learned so far. We built Enemigo using our naivety and fundamentally being the unknowns, which I think in hindsight actually gave us an advantage. We came in with a completely fresh perspective, focused from start to finish on quality;  making tequila into the celebration it deserves, almost to a fault. But that is what Enemigo is now known for, unrivaled quality and being the go-to for any celebration. The decisions we might go back and change are the ones where we tried to follow expectations of others.