How to celebrate World Whisky Day like a pro!

On 16 May whisky enthusiasts across the globe celebrate World Whisky Day! Launched in 2012 by Blair Bowman, a student at the University of Aberdeen, World Whiskey Day has become a global phenomenon that celebrates the rich history and full flavours of whisky, whiskey and all their deliciously drinkable cousins.

A newbie to whisky? No problem. World Whisky Day invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. One thing to remember however is that drinking whisky isn’t as simple as grabbing a bottle of your chosen brand, upending it into a glass and guzzling away. Drinking whisky is an art and there are some essential things all partakers should know.

Here are some expert tips on how to drink, taste and appreciate a single malt like a pro:

Tip #1
Remember: it can ONLY be called scotch if it is distilled in Scotland – all others are single malt whiskies if not blended with the product of another distillery.

whisky silly How to celebrate World Whisky Day like a pro!

Tip #2

Invest in a decent glass. The tulip glass is the preferred style because it focuses the aromas and splashes the spirit onto the tongue in a wide fashion.

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Tip #3
Let the whisky coat the glass by turning and tilting it. This increases the surface area, permitting greater evaporation and thus enhancing the aroma.

eyes How to celebrate World Whisky Day like a pro!

Tip #3
Nose the whisky. Place your nose a few inches away from the glass. What do you smell? Now get a little closer. How is that? Now get as close as you can without letting the alcohol burn interfere. What other aromas are there?

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Tip #4
Add water. This is optional. Add as much as half-and-half or as little as a few drops. Adding water depends on the strength and style of the whisky and the taster’s preference.

water How to celebrate World Whisky Day like a pro!

Tip #5
Sip, swirl and swallow. Take a sip. Take just enough to coat your mouth and begin to slowly swirl it around your tongue. Now swallow and repeat!

irish How to celebrate World Whisky Day like a pro!

So there you have it. You don’t have to fly to Scotland to enjoy a whisky or two on World Whiskey Day. The water of life tastes just as good in South Africa and thanks to the House of Fine Whisky at Checkers LiquorShop you can treat yourself to the finest Scotch at a discounted price. That’s right! From 14 May to 16 May Checkers customers will receive 20% off all single malt whiskies. Even more reason to celebrate!

Spoil yourself

The celebrations does not have to come to an end after World Whiskey Day. Treat yourself to a bottle of Glenburgie 16-year-old Single Cask Whisky, the latest addition to the Private Barrel Co. Label, exclusive to Checkers.

Glenburgie is light amber in colour, conjuring up soft and sweet aromas of red toffee apples, rich vanilla and a touch of hazelnuts. On the tongue one discovers a rich and sweet taste reminiscent of old fashioned mixed fruit boiled sweets giving it a syrupy and luscious texture with a velvety smooth, long and lingering finish, with distinct Speyside characteristics.

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Glenburgie will be on shelf in July but pre-orders for the 228 bottles available are open from the 20th of May via the Checkers website at a cost of R999.99 per bottle.