How to Drink Beer and Do Yoga at the Same Time

Yoga has the reputation of being for the lean of limb and birdlike of appetite—and not without reason. According to the most recent Yoga in America survey, the vast majority of yogis cite health benefits as their main reason for hitting the mat. That reputation can make yoga intimidating for those of us who, uh, don’t always treat their body as a temple. To lure the rest of us into the practice, some are turning to the world’s best recruiting tool: beer.

“I really like beer, but I saw that there was a disconnect between the people I was going out with and the people I was doing yoga with. I wanted to show that you don’t have to already be healthy to do yoga,” says Jenny Miller, a yoga instructor, studio owner, and author of the BeerAsana blog.

So Miller started promoting yoga-and-beer classes. “I wanted it to be an entryway for people who self-identified as not healthy. And really, for most people you start doing yoga and you sort of end up moderating your habits. You start to live and eat a little bit better,” says Miller. Yoga with beer is less about getting people to change their habit, she says. “It’s just yoga for everybody.”