The History Of Beer Is The History Of The World

According to Homer Simpson, beer is the cause of, and the solution to, all of life’s problems. Some scientists one-up Homer and claim that beer may be the origin of civilization


Vodka Is The New First-Aid Kit Essential

Failure to pack the proper emergency supplies is a fast way to turn adventure into misadventure, and like most people who wander far from Walgreens’ range, I’ve built my first-aid kit through bitter trial and error.


Dogfish Head Has A New Low-cal Ipa

The brewery is using science to make Slightly Mighty, a low-calorie craft beer worth drinking


How to Brew a Cup of Coffee No Matter Where You Are

James Freeman, coffee drinker extraordinaire and founder of the globe-spanning coffee roaster Blue Bottle, shares six tips on how to brew coffee just about anywhere.


Drink Up! Wine Makes Athletes Stronger

A new study suggests that the combination of regular exercise and moderate consumption of either red or white wine improves cardiac health and lowers cholesterol.


Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

If you like your whiskey on the rocks, you need this device


How to Drink Beer and Do Yoga at the Same Time

Yoga has the reputation of being for the lean of limb and birdlike of appetite—and not without reason.


How the Shape of Your Glass Can Make Your Beer Taste Better

In 2016, instead of talking about the nuances of Cascade versus Saaz hops, we’re going to spend the year talking about how a concave bottom and bulbous top maximize aromas and help keep a beer’s head foamy.

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