How to drink like a hipster

Being a hipster isn’t just about dressing the part. It’s an organic, androgynous, exclusive way of living. That includes everything from your hair to the books you won’t stop talking about. And let us not forget about eating and drinking the right stuff.

So what do hipsters drink?

Craft Beers

Most American hipsters will drink Pabst Blue Ribbon when they are out at the bar with friends. It’s a brand of beer sold by Pabst Brewing Company, and has been rebooted more times than Batman, marketing wise. They drink it ironically because of it’s previous association with blue collar workers, surly punk rockers, and other “tough” types.

ribbon blue How to drink like a hipster

When it comes to South African Hipsters however, they drink only the best and most expensive beers available on the market. The beer should preferably be hand-crafted and consumed at a place where fellow hipsters show-off their skinny jeans.

hip How to drink like a hipster

If they are not out drinking craft beer, they are stocking up on some for their home collection. Many hipsters have a stash of overpriced beers and good liquor at home to impress their friends during home gatherings.


And then of cause there’s the coffee. If it’s not made from Civet faeces then it’s just not good enough for a hipster. The idea of sitting in a cafe sipping mocha lattes while surfing the FREE internet on their Mac or iPad for hours each day really, really appeals to the hipster. Hipsters are often considered coffee connoisseurs who may grind their own high-quality beans and use French presses to brew. Many hipsters will refrain from using sweeteners or creams to avoid masking the flavor of expensive coffee.

Happy drinking hipsters! And remember to wait until the coffee is cool, otherwise you might just burn your tongue…

coolcoffee How to drink like a hipster