How to get noticed at a crowded bar

Bartenders are the keepers of wisdom, so in this new series, we’ll ask our resident bartender/scribe questions that will help you become a better, wiser bar-goer. First up, how to get noticed at a busy bar.

Hey, Bartender! What’s the best and least annoying way to get a bartender’s attention in a crowded bar?

This question seems like a good place to start with a bartender advice column. Trying to get served in a crowded bar can be frustrating. The first thing I’ll say is be patient and understand that there are likely people ahead of you waiting to be served. Still, prompt service is essential to a positive customer experience.

Bartenders work for tips so it’s in our best interest to fill your glass as promptly and frequently (within reason) as possible. We want to make you a drink. Keep in mind, though, that a bar is a hectic environment, and we are only human. Sometimes people get overlooked. If it happens once, roll with it. If it keeps happening, you might be justified in your frustration. But before you lose your cool, let me see if I can help diagnose the problem.