How To Keep The Wine In Your Glass Chilled Constantly

Vino lovers know that keeping wine chilled in your glass is an art form. The stem of the glass is designed to keep the warmth of your hands from touching the bowl, so you don’t warm up the wine faster.

But what if that glass was double walled and what if there was a layer of cooling gel in the middle? The Glass FREEZE™ Wine Glass is all that and more.

The best part?  This set of two FREEZE glasses is made from REAL glass because who wants to drink wine out of plastic? The cooling gel in between the glass keeps your wine cold without even touching it.

Whether red, white, or rosé, make the most of your favorite wines with the Glass Wine FREEZE™ cooling cup. The glasses are produced by HOST®, whose proprietary cooling gel is precisely engineered to keep your beverage perfectly chilled for hours.

You can get a set online via amazon.