How To Make A Grilled Watermelon Cocktail

Fruits, in their natural selves, are very sweet and make for a good dessert, or even an on-the-go breakfast. However, do you know there is a way to get more out of your fruits? Well, grilling is not just a cooking method for beef cuts and pork. You can grill peaches, pineapples, and watermelons, and come out with one of the best-tasting dishes ever. The surprising thing with fruits is that they double in sweetness, especially since you have the versatility to mix up certain fruits for best results.

Technically, with watermelon, you do not need to stress too much over losing juices, because the fruit is already too juicy as it is. Your concern should be to get it right on the grill, enough to have all the sweetness caramelize into even more flavor. If you have never tried grilling a watermelon, then you will definitely want to learn more, so you can end up with some good grilled fruit, and better yet, a cocktail to go along. Here is how you can make grilled watermelon cocktail as your number one recipe:


In understanding that there is no limitation when it comes to cooking, food experts have moved on to creating drinks that showcase ingredients fresh off the coals or wood fire, because, in some ways, food is better smoked than not. To get started, you need:

  • Watermelon
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • mint-blended gin
  • Lemon juice
  • some syrup/ honey
  • coarse sea salt


1.The first step is to grill the watermelon. Cut the melon into the slices of your choice, and then place them on a grill, over direct heat. For better results, use a high heat cooking method. You will need to preheat your grill for you to achieve this. Grill the watermelon until it becomes lightly charred. Do not let it sit on the grill for too long, because you do not want to burn it. Technically, it should take a minute or so for both sides. Watch out for the grill marks that will be an indicator that your melons are ready for the next step.

 How To Make A Grilled Watermelon Cocktail

FIf you want to incorporate a little more diversity in the flavor of your grilled melons, start by brushing some lemon juice on the melon before grilling it. Remember, do not wait for the fruit to be too soft as you will lose a lot of it in the flame.

2. Blend the melon in a blender, you want to rind the melon first so you can remove the cover. Then put the melon slices in a blender for a minute or so. Afterward, push the blended fruit through a fine-mesh strainer to separate the charred melon from the juice. Pour the juice into a clean bowl and let it cool.

3. rinse out the blender, then add mint and gin and blend well. Throw in some of the fresh mint leaves, for extra mint flavor. After a few seconds, strain the mixture through a coffee filter. that everything is set, mix up the melon juice with the mint gin mixture. Also add in the lemon juice, some syrup and a pinch of coarse sea salt and mix well. Shake properly before you strain the cocktail over ice, then serve.

Pro tip: you can experiment with a variety of ingredients with this same simple recipe. For instance, in place of syrup, use honey to sweeten the cocktail drink. Remember to preserve some of the freshly torn mint leaves, for serving.

It is such an easy process to create a grilled watermelon cocktail, yet worth all the effort. This recipe is an excellent way to put your grill to good use, whether you are having a backyard BBQ party or just chilling under the scorching sun in the summer.