How To Rum Right: 5 Tips To Pick, Drink And Enjoy The Beverage

Light, golden, dark, straight, on the rocks, for cooking, or premium rums are few ways to enjoy this distilled alcoholic beverage. Rum production is very common in the Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of the world.

Even though is commonly consumed with mixers, rum is no longer seen as a rough spirit to cover up in sugary drinks. Rum’s recent revival includes a wide range of styles and methods.

The word “rum” denotes excellence or superior quality. For this reason, as spirit extracted from molasses, the liquid could not well be ranked under the name whiskey, brandy, or arrack. Other etymologists have mentioned the Romani word rum, meaning “strong” or “potent.”

Anyways, with complexity, comes clarity – follow these five tips and make sure you understand that there’s not just one way to rum, but many ways to rum right.

Year Round Spirit

Forget the misconception that rum is a summer-only spirit. Fruity Tiki drinks, and tropical beach vacations have framed rum as something for warm days, but most premium rums have all the characteristics that can make for a great dram on a blustery night. Deep, rich, and complex, high-end rums can be enjoyed in a variety of warming winter cocktails such as hot buttered rum, or simply on the rocks.

Pick Your Brand

“2 rum and cokes please,” is never a good idea. Asking for a preferred brand such as Venezuelan sipping rum Diplomatico. Premium brands steer clear of artificial sweeteners and flavorings, mass-market production methods in favor of natural sugarcane and careful craftsmanship, yielding a more pure product.