Hunky Olympic Diver Suggests Fruit Water Over Fruit Juice

Olympic diver Tom Daley, who moonlights as an eccentric YouTube personality, has released a video plugging the benefits of fruit water over fruit juice. In citing the level of sugar in some fruit juices, he proposes fruit water as a way to get the same nutrients without the downsides.

Fruit water (or vegetable water) is not a new concept and is based around a simple premise: water is good for you, but it is also boring. By preparing a jug of fruit water, you can get better taste and some extra nutrients.

Fruit Water, According to Tom Daley 

Making fruit water is easy. All you need is a jug, any fruit of your choice, and water. Slice up the fruit and put them in the empty jug. Then, fill the jug with cold water. Cover the jug and let it sit in the fridge for about thirty minutes at minimum. When you pour from the jug, the water will have absorbed some of the nutrients and flavors of the fruits or vegetables that were left inside. Some of the sugars in the fruit will have also been absorbed, but far less than you would get from eating it directly. The drink can be added to with various herbs such as rhubarb or mint to add some extra nutrients or flavor twists.