Is Drinking CBD Infused Beverages Appropriate at The Work Place?

In the past, bloodshot eyes, water bongs, and joints are the first pictures that come to the minds of people when they hear the word “cannabis.” What most of them failed to realize before is that using a cannabis plant without getting high is possible, thanks to Cannabidiol (CBD). You can even find the cannabis-derived Cannabidiol in a variety of products nowadays, including tinctures, lotions, food, and beverages. The CBD industry is on the rise, and there’s no sign of slowing down soon.

The newest trend in the Cannabidiol industry today is CBD-infused drinks. Most CBD-infused beverages contain CBD oil. The good thing about CBD oil is that it’s easy to mix with standard drinks, such as cocktails and teas. 

Many people consume these beverages to alleviate different ailments. Some use weed to boost productivity at work. However, is drinking CBD-infused beverages appropriate at the workplace? 

Before delving into that discussion, curious consumers like you need to understand what CBD-infused drinks or beverages are in the first place.

How Does Cannabidiol Get Infused Into The Drink Or Beverage? 

Depending on what type of beverage you want to consume, there can be varying processes involved in infusing CBD into a drink. 

Some drinks get infused with CBD oil, while others contain CBD tincture. Sodas, beers, and other foamy products or those that have heads integrate well with CBD oils. The non-fizzy, non-foamy beverages, like cocktails and alcoholic ones, on the other hand, work better with tinctures. 

Thus, in general, though, you can mix drinks with either oil or tincture.

What Are The Different Types Of CBD-Infused Beverages Available In The Market Today?

The world has started to embrace CBD drinks in 2018, and they have flourished ever since. The infusion principle that manufacturers utilize in beverages now gets applied in other food products as well. Thus, giving way for the availability of a variety of CBD-infused drinks and snacks in the market. The best examples of CBD beverages include sodas, lemon water, coconut water, sparkling water, energy drinks, teas, kombucha, beers, wines, cocktails, and even plain water. 

CBD water, for example, only contains minimal amounts of Cannabidiol, fluctuating around two to five milligrams. The low CBD content of water becomes possible because of the nanotechnology that many companies utilize to decrease the particle size of the compound while boosting the ability of your body to absorb and use Cannabidiol. 

Such technology enables CBD-infused water to appear and taste like a normal one, giving chance for individuals to bring it wherever they go without any problem.

What Benefits Do Cannabidiol Beverages Bring?

CBD oil or tincture, when consumed alone, doesn’t taste that good, and many consumers don’t enjoy the experience. 

The possibility of mixing a high-quality CBD tincture or oil into a beverage is a remarkable discovery. You only have to place a few drops of the compound and enjoy taking it indirectly. It gives consumers the chance to get the desired dose of Cannabidiol and experience its medicinal benefits without the need to deal with the not so desirable taste or smell that oils and tinctures have.

Is Drinking CBD Infused Beverages Appropriate At The Work Place?

Now that you already understand what CBD-infused beverages are, it’s time to answer the question if whether it’s appropriate to drink them at the workplace or not. The answer to the question can be both a yes or no. 

Since the Food And Drug Administration doesn’t regulate CBD products, there are also no defined rules that prohibit an employee from using them at work. Unless it’s going to impair your performance or you end up creating a safety threat. 

The lack of regulation doesn’t mean that employers can’t ban CBD-infused drinks at the workplace, though, since the final decision will always be theirs to make. Generally, the possibility of an employee getting impaired requires more of a drink or food that contain the psychoactive element of cannabis, THC. 

CBD products containing less amount to no THC won’t result in a positive drug test result or an employee getting out of control. Thus, drinking CBD infused beverages at work doesn’t put a significant risk to the employment of a person.

The bottom line is that if your workplace doesn’t allow the consumption of CBD products, like beverages, it’s best to avoid doing it. 


CBD-infused drinks are the newest hit in the market. It’s an easier way to reap the potential benefits of Cannabidiol. However, the decision whether it’s appropriate to consume it at your workplace or not still remains at the hands of employers.