Jon Bon Jovi visits Cedar Ridge, takes home vodka

New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi stopped in for lunch and a tour April 15 at Cedar Ridge Winery, 1441 Marak Road in Swisher.

The singer, along with manager Irving Azoff, spent several hours at the winery while traveling cross country.

Some of Bon Jovi’s friends recommended Cedar Ridge, general manager Jamie Siefken said.

“It’s pretty cool when people like Jon Bon Jovi and Irving Azoff kind of hear of you,” Siefken said. “So we were pretty stoked around here about that. We thought we’d share that with everybody else.”

Siefken said Bon Jovi was interested in the quality products a small business in a small town was creating.

He said Bon Jovi didn’t leave empty-handed.

“He took some vodka with him and he was real excited to hear that our vodka was the first distilled spirit in Iowa since Prohibition and kind of hear that back story of our product,” Siefken said.